Activist Exhibitions


Exhibit Statement- "Rattle Your Rage"

Because art was their primary tool for activism, SisterSerpents orchestrated several exhibitions in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The exhibits explored themes such as "Piss on Patriarchy" and "Demolishing Domesticity." The exhibit statement to the right shows SisterSerpents' intentions to publicize their rage and to empower women with their message.


Call for Submissions

SisterSerpents was not a static group, but rather an anonymous artist collective. Their anonymity allowed any woman to contribute art to the cause. When SisterSerents held exhibitions, they solicited art submissions from the whole country. They placed ads in Ms. magazine and sent out calls for submission in the mail, an example of which can be seen at right. The resounding response led to exhibitions  featuring work by a group of women diverse in every nature imaginable. Their messages were subtly different, but all expressed the same refusal to tolerate patriarchal oppression articulated by SisterSerpents' founding members.

Foundation and Activism
Activist Exhibitions