Along with the stickers seen earlier in the exhibit, SisterSerpents used postering to display their ideologies and artwork in public. Group members created collages with snarky yet poignant messages, xeroxed them and hung them all over Chicago's public spaces.



Another example of a poster used in SisterSerpents' public art campaigns.


Exhibit Postcards

SisterSerpents sent exhibit postcards to publicize their exhibitions. The postcards featured artwork from the upcoming exhibitions or other political imagery. At right are three examples of exhibit postcards. The first postcard is from "Piss on Patriarchy, Piss on Passivity," an exhibition that occurred in 1992. The second postcard features artwork from the 1991 exhibition, "Snakefest '91: Art Against Dickheads." Finally, the bottom postcard depicts a woman baking a man's head in an oven, reinforcing the theme of 1994's "Home Improvements: Demolishing Domesticity."


"SisterSerpents at The Edge" exhibit

Women from all over the country contributed artwork to SisterSerpents' exhibits and the exhibits were not  limited only to Chicago. SisterSerpents has exhibited their work in New York, Berlin and Denver. At right, a photograph from the Denver exhibit, "SisterSerpents at The Edge," gives an idea of what SisterSerpents' exhibit aesthetics looked like: chaotic, colorful and energetic.