Other Activism


Figure 1. Stickers used in public art campaign

Aside from curating exhibitions, SisterSerpents engaged in several other forms of activism. Figure 1 shows stickers from one of the group's public art campaigns. The neon stickers were stealthily placed in public spaces or on advertisements promoting ideals against which the group rallied. SisterSerpents received letters from women across the country asking for stickers and sharing stories of the empowerment they felt after covering sexist ads with SisterSerpents' messages.




Figure 2. Performance Proposal

Figure 2 shows the proposal for a performance art installment, which were featured at many of the group's exhibitions. Sometimes the performances were satirical skits-women from the future examining phallic symbols in a scholarly manner, for example-and other times they included musical performances, very serious monologues, or other performative interpretations of feminist ideologies.


Figure 3. Back and front covers of MadWOMAN Magazine

Figure 3 shows the back and front covers of MadWOMAN Magazine, Issue 2. The zine, published by SisterSerpents and distributed nationally, contained poetry, art, collages, essays and other graphic and written works submitted by women from the entire country.

Foundation and Activism
Other Activism